Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One for the one; one for the other.....

(For the One)

So Just Kiss Me

So just kiss me and let my hair
messy itself in your fingers

tell me nothing needs to be done---
no clocks need winding

There is no bell with out a voice
needing to borrow my own

instead, let me steady myself
in the arms

of a man who won't ask me to be
what he needs, but lets me exist

as I am

a blonde flame
a hurricane

wrapped up
in a tiny body

that will come to his arms
like the safest harbor

for mending.

(For the other)
I'm Writing To Tell You

I'm writing
this letter to tell you

I don't love you anymore.

I don't miss you.

I never have.

The truth is, I
tried, but never found
your adoration
anything other than ardious,

your niceties cliched,

your praise thoughtless,

and it has become
unbearably obvious
that you loved me with
all the originality
of romance novels;

the manly man weakening
the luscious flower.

But do not be sad,
nothing is lost.
Neither of us even loved
the other truly---
you only thought you did
and I only wanted to.


Sherydon said...

Hey hun, you really know how to make someone feel what your feeling!! Im so glad your on here. Im so addicted to this place!! Love ya

Tess said...

hi. glad to have found your blog. check our's out: lanceandtess.blogspot.com

what are you up to?

tess beckstead zollinger

Tina said...

Ok- I found you to!

Carolina said...

HEY, So this is Carolina (Bosen) Whetton, SO I was looking at one of my friends blogs that lives out here in Missouri. Well she is friensds with Angela so I went on to her blog and found yours! I was so excited!! Anyway I just wanted to say Hi! You look GREAT! That is so exciting about Your little bro. I saw your family pic! Everyone has grown up SOOOO Much!